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We design and develop amazing websites, custom web applications and forward-thinking mobile apps; We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Discovery and Exploration

We learn about your company and its customers in order to create actionable goals. We grow your business.

Strategic Consulting

As digital strategists, we plan, execute and maintain the digital experiences of your customers. Its essential to create careful plans and actionable goals with defined timelines.

We Love to Create Digital Products

Smartly Coded & Maintained.

When we say Web Applications, we mean all types of websites with the ability to store and retrieve data. Powerful websites with limitless potential.

Web Apps

The average person now spends more time online than with all other media outlets combined. Your organization’s or product’s website has the power to connect you to billions of people around the globe. We’ll use audits, interviews and testing to pull out insights that will help us build storylines that will resonate with your audience. We’ll use these insights to create a volume of prototypes with lo, mid and hi fidelity wireframes for rapid user & concept testing. The result will be a coded style-guide with every component your team needs to grow your presence on the web. Take a look at what web-based services we offer.

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Data-Driven Websites

A database driven website is a dynamic website that grabs information from your database every time the page is loaded. We create dynamic websites by connecting the web page to the database through programing, and so if there are any changes to the information in the database, the web page will update automatically. Think of each time you check your bank balance online. When you log in, you will see the same format, but your balance and statements are usually different each time. This is an automatic database change, and no one has had to type in those numbers themselves – imagine how long that would take! So, these types of websites are more effective for large industries with changing data, because of their automatic, efficient and dynamic nature. Other database driven websites are those that use a CMS, or content management system such as WordPress or Shopify. With these easy-to-use editor systems, users can create, upload and update content on their websites without any special training or experience in web design. CMS is one of our specialties and we can help you in creating your dynamic website and the programing it requires, so that you can manage your site with ease!

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E-commerce Websites

An e-commerce platform is any software that allows you to build customer facing storefronts in order to sell your products or services online. These businesses tend to use data- driven websites because of the expected changes in prices, offers and services. This guarantees the information is always fresh and up-to-date for its users, and we can ensure the same for you! We can either use custom platforms or build these platforms from scratch depending on your needs. You’ll be able to conduct sales by users simply adding your products to the cart!

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Web Portals

A web portal is the face of a specially designed website that displays information from a bunch of different sources, like emails, online forums and search engines, altogether on one page. It’s a simple interactive site usually with a variety of options to click on, both related and unrelated services and links. For example, the Facebook home page is a portal into the user’s account or a first time user can click to sign up. On Zillow’s portal, you can choose whether you want to buy, rent or sell a property and start your search through the different options displayed. We can build your portal to be user-friendly, interactive and noticeably unique!

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Brand Development

How your brand looks and feels in the outside world is becoming increasingly important.

We work together to decipher and define what you want your brand to be for your ideal customer. We create all your branding touch points by starting with your brand's identity elements like your logo (or trademark) and all other branding elements.

Like a moth to a flame, you have to figure out how to get your brand to shine the brightest. Let us help you stand out in a digital world, saturated with brands.

We take the complexity out of Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing Made Simple

Inbound Marketing is an effective method of digital marketing. Its an effective way of building rapport and to grow your business by generating leads that convert into sales. Compared to traditional broadcast marketing it is cheaper and more effective because it is focused on your target market demographic.
This is where we put our area of expertise to work. Digital Marketing is the marketing of a product or business through digital technologies and platforms. We specialize in SEO, SMO, Blogs, and emailers to reach as many people and possible customers for you as possible.

We help you create the right content so that you pull in the right people towards your company, products and services by delivering relevant content when they need it most. There are several components (or techniques) that work together so that you are found and stay front of mind.

(Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; essentially, adapting a website’s content, code and architecture in order to allow the users to find your website more efficiently. It falls under what is known as “organic” search. Something as using relevant keywords in your text will boost you to the first page of Google search results. This is highly important to your business because it draws in new potential clients while pointing them in the right direction to your website. If you don’t get in on SEO, your name might be left behind.

Stay topical by using our SEO services.

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(Social Media Optimisation)

While there is indeed power in SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a new service being offered due to the rising interest and usage of social media. Adding social media links, or blog forums, or even bookmarks and tags can boost your website’s search and shed more light on your business. The more of a digital footprint you make and the more links you create, the bigger your social media presence, and the greater the number of viewers and potential clients! Let us help you in managing your SMO and watch your business reach new heights.

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(Newsletters or content delivered to your audiences mailbox)

Using emails to send advertisements, promotions, request business or solicit sales is an effective way to transfer knowledge directly to the people as well as gain a certain trust and relationship between product and consumer. We offer these services to help you reach out to the community and construct your trade. We make sure your emailers are professional, enticing, aesthetically pleasing, in line with your branding and more importantly that they get to where they’re exactly supposed to go.

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(Industry Related Articles)

Most blogs and online community forums are database-driven because they involve regular updates by users. Whether people are leaving comments or ‘liking’ a website, there is immediate change on the page. Let us create your blog and find yourself regularly interacting with your customers! The more accessible you make yourself, the more approachable and viable you become.

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Custom Mobile Development

A mobile app is any computer program or software that is designed to run on a mobile phone. And let’s face it, the millennial world is defined by these. Whether it's social media apps that connect people like Instagram or Facebook, or apps like Gmail or Snapscan that make your life easier, they are fast becoming the future. Perhaps it’s time you hop on board?

At Softserve Digital Development, we guarantee production of the highest quality, with a degree of efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and functionality that is virtually unmatched.

Hear what our

Happy Customers say about us

Jade Axon
Strategic Brand Manager | Prostaff
"The most incredible and dynamic team to work with. Always ready to help and their turn around time for maintenance is exceptional. Thank you Andrew, Amy and the rest of the team."
Keith Maseko
CEO | Benchmark
"You made it so simple. The new site looks more professional and everything is well organized. The service was also excellent with a continuous approach to go beyond the call of duty. Keep it up."
Andrew Butow
CEO | Earth2Mars
"Andrew and his brilliant team at Softserve Digital Development have become my critical, trusted and long term business partner for my business, assisting me with my strategy, corporate identity and website/social. I love Andrew's personal touch and his ability to work with a demanding and ambiguous scope. The process is always thoroughly enjoyable and I find myself looking forward to our meetings and am blown away by the quality and creativity employed. They nailed it and continue to do so!"
Anthony Likotla
Branch Manager | Unibase
"Solid! Brilliant product and service offerings."

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