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/ˌɑːnˈlaɪn ˈmɑːrkɪtɪŋ/

The use of online marketing is vastly growing among businesses today.

The main reason for this is that as more and more people are connected through the internet, it simply makes good sense to use this to your advantage and to market your business as effectively as you can through this avenue. The Online Marketing tools we use include:

Social Media



Facebook is the most popular social media website on the Internet. By using Facebook Advertising, you can achieve targeted advertising, reinforcement of brand/customer loyalty, a cost-effective form of advertising, and increased reachability to the target market through smartphones. You can choose between a CPC (click based), CPM (impression-based structure) or CPA (cost per action) payment structure. It is important to get your name out there as much as possible and what’s better than using a social platform with more than 1.71 billion users. Get started with our Facebook Booster Special today!



Analytics is the process of analysing the incoming and outgoing traffic from your website. This allows you to determine the audience that is visiting your site, the manner in which they are directed to your site, and what they are doing on your site. Interpretation of this data will allow for improved marketing campaigns through target audience identification, budget allocation, and improvement of web usability. Google Analytics is a service we offer with all of our websites. This is just our way of giving back.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is another simple, yet effective, way of advertising which gives you the edge over your competitors.


Targeted online marketing with a measurable return on investment

Junk mail is one of those things that are universally irritating. We don’t do that at Softserve Digital. Instead, we grow your database by setting up Newsletter Subscription Forms in as many of your online media as we can. We then send out aesthetically attractive and engaging newsletters to the people who sign up to those lists. Over time, you’ll have a rich list of high-quality contacts who want to hear more about what you have to offer. Using HTML-based emails branded in your company colours, you’ll be able to elegantly insert trackable links, refer to useful statistics & reports for better decision making as well as grow your databases, generate leads, educate the consumer and maintain quality customer relationships.