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/ˌsɜːrtʃ endʒɪn ˌɑːptɪməˈzeɪʃn/

SEO is the hot acronym being tossed around these days as far as web development is concerned.

Everyone is claiming to be an SEO expert or they’re paying large amounts of money to learn the ins and outs of SEO. But what exactly is it, and why is it important to your business? The acronym itself stands for search engine optimization, which essentially means that it is the discipline of adapting a website’s content, code and architecture in order to allow the users to find your website more efficiently. This is important to your business because it draws in new potential clients while pointing them in the right direction on your website.

We know that the two main points of awesome SEO are responsible keyword targeting and link building:



Carefully selected keywords or phrases that are developed after insightful analysis of your business and that of your competitors, in order to increase the probability of users finding your website using popular web engines.


Link building:

Creation of links to and from your site and other sites in your industry. By users clicking on your link they increase the popularity, and hence the ranking, of your site.

The main strategy that we use to test search engine optimisation is by using search queries.

As the name suggests, search queries can help you understand which queries and search terms are driving traffic to your website. Querying includes the following dimensions that a true search engine optimisation expert should keep tabs on:


The queries or search keywords that your website is ranked for.


Number of people seeing your website in the search results for a given keyword.


Number of people actually taking action and clicking on your website.

Click through rate:

Percentage of people clicking on your website in the search results.

Average position:

Your website’s typical rank for a given keyword or query.

We fully examine detailed information about search queries; which keywords are performing, and which ones aren’t. Plus, we take a look at updates about crawl errors, just so you can fix them timeously and avoid losing traffic. As an added bonus, we also look at links that are generating the maximum traffic as well as website pages that are getting most visitors, uploading and updating sitemaps as needed.

Softserve Digital Development employs true SEO experts. Are you ready to take your keyword targeting and link building to the next level?