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/ˈsoʊʃl ˈmiːdiə ˈmænɪdʒmənt/

Social media has become the main way for businesses to interact with their customers.

Social media management wouldn’t be such a big deal if social media wasn’t instrumental to the growth and development of businesses. But how does social media impact the success of a business?

For one, it encourages brand transparency. Consumers love knowing that they’re buying from actual people and not just some monolithic corporation with no soul. All successful businesses either started out thanks to some form of social media marketing, or they gradually made the transition after seeing the results achieved by other companies. People are more likely to frequent businesses that are responsive and open

about their practices, as opposed to secretive and non-responsive. Secondly, it further establishes a brand. It’s easy to have an excellent logo and a beautifully dynamic web page. But what does it matter if no one’s there to see it? Search engine optimisation can only get you so many hits before you plateau, and aggressively networking isn’t going to achieve the desired results. Social media

provides an often free forum for you to market your brand and it makes it much more accessible to a wider audience. People tend to remember groups that they follow on Facebook; it’s more difficult to get them to name three or four excellently coded standalone websites. Social media consolidates your brand and makes it more palatable to a larger audience, thereby increasing your business and popularity.

Softserve Digital Media understands the importance of great social media marketing. After all, many of the most popular brands like Amazon and Dropbox wouldn’t even be here were it not for their responsiveness on social media. Yeah, Facebook and Twitter were initially thought of as fads that were completely unusable by serious business owners, but these social media outlets (among many others) have ingratiated themselves into our society. It’s time to adapt and evolve in order to keep up with the ever-changing social media scene.

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