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18 Jan 2017


It’s time to get the year started with a bang, but you’ve exhausted the same old failed resolutions. I can completely relate, I have too. I know for a fact that I won’t be hitting the gym every day, my kitchen cupboards are filled with unhealthy snacks and I am certainly not giving up drinking anytime soon. Resolutions for a business are very much the same, they too can become repetitive and unsuccessful. So, what can you do? There has to be something out there that can really benefit your business this year. Good news, there is, and it’s staring you and your customers right in the face.


What is a brand? This may come across as quite a patronising question, especially to a business owner, but believe it or not many seasoned marketers don’t even understand the term clearly. Branding is comprised of a number of different factors, namely; your promise to customers, the perception of your business according to the public, expectations, your business’ persona and finally the tangible elements (logo, stationery, packaging etc.). Of all of these factors, the tangible elements are the core of any brand as they essentially communicate all of the other four factors. In essence, a fresh brand is distinct, dependable and authentic to both your customers and employees.


Inevitably, with each rotation we do around the sun, there comes a lot of change in all industries. These changes can and will affect your business, hence why it is important to adapt and grow to suit the new market environments. Often, however, a business’ brand logo remains unchanged and like stagnant water will eventually leave your potential customers holding their noses and running to the competition. A fresh logo will demonstrate that your business is up-to-date, reassuring existing customers and likely attracting new ones. A fresh brand is key if you want to bump your business up to the next level. Check out some of our awesome brand refreshes here.


Sorry to be gloomy, but in some cases, brand refreshes have caused major upsets. In May last year, Instagram updated their logo which led to a complete online meltdown. The highly favourable app ditched its easily recognisable old-school camera icon with a vivid non-pictorial version, which showed very little relation to the prior. Users were bitter and declared the design boring and basic. The company said simplicity was the goal and that the new unembellished design put more focus on the user and their daily uploads to the app. The use of vibrant colour was said to represent the diversity of the users and the stories they have to tell. The original app icon design was said to be one of the last to hold out against ‘flat design’ made it stand out from the rest, but as soon as the update was made live Instagram was seen in the same light as all of the other photo-editing social media apps.


As you can see it’s crucial not to go and scrap your existing logo entirely, your business’ core brand values need to remain intact at all times, otherwise, you might as well open up a new business. All you need are a few trend conscious tweaks to your logo and the accompanying identity components. Sometimes even just a colour change can make all the difference. A brand refresh doesn’t have to happen annually either, this would just become a laborious and expensive process. Experts recommend a brand refresh only happen once every five years.


A brand refresh is one of the best investments you can make for your business, especially if you seek professional advice through a qualified agency offering graphic design. It is not advisable to cut costs and do your own design upgrading, at the end of the day your logo can make or break your business. Remember that not all agencies are the same, and while some may want to charge you bank breaking amounts, here at Softserve we believe that everyone is entitled to a fresh brand for a reasonable price.


Dedicate this year to focus not only on improving your business model but also your brand and what it stands for. This will reflect well on your part, showing both your customers and employees that you are open to new things and are wholly devoted to your brand.

Keep it fresh and make the promise today, if you do, you will have a very happy New Year indeed.


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