As Senior UX/UI Designer, you'll be responsible for collecting and translating user insights into delightful experiences. Ultimately, you’ll create both functional and appealing beautiful features that address our customer's needs. You will use your creativity and eye for design – along with your technical knowledge – to develop great experiences. You'll work with visual designer, product manager and our development team. Together you'll deliver UI mockups, prototypes, MVPs and final products. In this role, you'll have the privilege of being the voice of our customers. You'll translate their needs into user-friendly designs. You will have direct impact on the customer's user-experience of our product.
An etch-a-sketch, a classic toy that sparks creativity and logical thinking.

seniour designer senior designer

key respons­ibilities

Individual Responsibilities

  • Take one tutorial per week unless otherwise specified.
  • Client visits as and when required.
  • Conceptualise ideas and complete work within budget and on deadline.
  • Provide creative input and interface design.
  • Research and create mood board of conceptualised designs.
  • Produce design work for clients as per provided brief.
  • Edit proofs to client’s specifications and getting signoff/approval before finalising artwork.
  • Prepare mock-ups and present to clients before deciding on a final design/concept.
  • Update and change existing software/websites/web applications for clients.

Collaborative Responsibilities

  • Produce content that reflects an understanding of the client and the audience through the appropriate use of design principles.
  • Conduct thorough research on clients/organisations to understand their message, brand voice and target audience. Using this information and their understanding of design principles and positioning, the designer must authentically present the clients’ corporate values and addresses their audiences appropriately through their design work.
  • Propose marketing concepts in an engaging way for clients and carrying out projects once they are approved.
  • Interpret creative direction and technical information and turn it into persuasive design concepts.
  • Collaborate with admin and management departments to brainstorm and develop a variety of marketing materials for the business .
  • Work with clients to edit and modify design to meet their expectations.

Additional Responsibilities & Notes

  • Client’s projects are to be completed within the timeline assigned by management.
  • All completed work must be reviewed by team.


  • Birthday Ice-cream
  • Laptop
  • Hour lunch break
  • Points system
  • Free Snacks
  • Awesome coffee
  • No dress code
  • Support flexible leave policy
  • An office doggo

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