Websites are the gateways to a company’s heart. They illustrate what’s important to a business and what kind of market that business is trying to reach. They also serve as a first impression for potential clients and consumers. So when someone sees a flat, basic webpage with shoddy design and uninteresting content, they are understandably turned off to the ideals of the business and a little skeptical of that company’s validity. Conversely, when a consumer or potential client sees a dynamic and interesting site, they are prone to explore the site more and become a part of the clientele that the business is trying to reach out to. There are several different ways to achieve a dynamic and captivating webpage, but is the most viable and popular solution for many.

what is is an open source web development tool created by Microsoft with the purpose of producing websites that catch people’s attention. It’s server-side too, meaning that the user is given a graphical interface in order to interact with a service. Additionally, this means that the user has limited access to the inner workings of proprietary software.

Softserve Digital Development specializes is development. But that doesn’t always mean that people know the immediate or long-term benefits of it. Some of the pros of this Microsoft-based service include:

Speed with which the website runs/pages load
Ability to adapt and evolve
Constant updates

Being a Microsoft product, is constantly updated and will continue to be so until a new alternative is created and made mainstream. This software will be updated and maintained throughout its lifecycle, and any drastic changes would surely be explained by Microsoft. Its brand name also makes it reliable: there is established support for users and numerous forums (both official and unofficial) for users to communicate and share their experiences. It’s also a speedy solution, improving the run time of a page and the speed with which a website is able to run. Most importantly for many businesses though is the software’s adaptability and evolutionary prowess. Technology and tech trends are always changing, and in order for a company or individual to maintain a relevant presence on the web it’s imperative that they keep up and change. Therefore, it’s important to have developmental knowledge in software that is able to adapt quickly to change.

Here at Softserve Digital Development, we know like the backs of our hands. And we know how important it is to constantly stay abreast with the latest news and issues surrounding the pioneering software. We’re keen on working with it to make websites dynamic and interesting in order to draw consumer attention. We know how to communicate with it in order to provide quicker load times and run speed. But most importantly, we are more than well aware of the importance of adaptations and evolution; we’re web designers and developers who have shaped whole careers around constant change.

Reach out to us for a quote today so we can get started on your dynamic site with Microsoft’s proprietary software.

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