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As an individual, managing content can be fairly simple: upload this an academic paper to the cloud, post a filtered photo to Instagram, and reply to your relatives’ numerous Facebook comments and likes. But as a business, managing your brand and content across media can get a lot more difficult. All of a sudden, replying to one person’s comment on Facebook means that you have fifty more to glance at. Instead of having just one paper to upload, you now have five different proposals in addition to seven instructional videos and three PowerPoint presentations that need to go live on your website as soon as possible. This is what makes content management systems so important to business: they allow the employer to store important data and control when it gets out, and to what mediums.

Softserve Digital Development gets it and we can help you get it too: we offer custom CMS solutions to manage content, websites, and various other web applications that are pertinent to your brand.

A lot of you reading this know about WordPress. After all, it’s an amazing tool that is basically what you make of it! The blogging and website platform has a built in CMS with many available plugins that are either free or available for purchase. It even comes with several built in themes that can easily fit the needs of any small scale company or blogger. Additionally, it’s quicker to develop than traditional websites and even with paid options taken into consideration, is a cheap alternative to other CMS on the market. But, as for all things in life, you get what you pay for with content management systems. Cheaper may not always be better if your business is trying to stay on top of things like publishing press releases to their website on time or posting to twitter regularly enough to become a household name.

Custom development is much more
a whole lot
and tailor made to the individual or company’s needs.

Custom development is inadvisable for small scale enterprises such as individual travel blogging or personal tweeting; you’d basically be getting a bunch of extra accessories and capabilities that you wouldn’t be able to make use of. But for a person or business with numerous documents to manage and a burgeoning social media presence to maintain, custom CMS is key. Customizing content management systems to fit your needs means that you get the right amount of attention for each area that you need to tackle. This means that your site gets the developmental attention that it needs. Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal all offer CMS, but the amount of excess development on your part would far outweigh the benefits of these open-source CMS’ low prices.

Customized CMS is the key to successfully organizing a business because it offers the right amount of customization specific to your firm’s needs.

Here at Softserve Digital Development, we understand what makes a comprehensive CMS and we pride ourselves on the product provided to our clients.

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