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Mobile app development is a hot topic these days. It’s easy to see why: totally innocuous games such as Angry Birds and Flappy Bird have become household names and cultural icons, while “Swype”ing has become a part of global vernacular. Mobile apps were once thought of as a fleeting fad, something to be discarded after a year or two. But the staying power of many popular apps shows quite the opposite to be true. These applications are here to stay as an important part of productivity and industry. As a matter of fact, many businesses make it a point to develop their own mobile app in order to stay relevant and to reach out to as many potential markets as possible. At Softserve Digital Development, we guarantee production of the highest quality, with a degree of efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and functionality that is virtually unmatched.

Mobile apps come in so many different flavors, much like our web design. Depending on your needs, we utilize several different approaches to development such as:


Apple’s iOS is notoriously difficult to crack into on your own. Entry to the app store can be prohibitive for some, and learning Apple’s specific variations on mobile app development code can have quite a steep learning curve for those who aren’t too well versed in app development code basics. We know iOS and we’re able to develop apps that you want for your Apple market specifically, whether that app is to be used on a phone or a tablet.


Android is much easier to code for, which is what makes it all the more difficult to find quality mobile development creators for. With Google’s lower standards for entry, the market is essentially saturated with low quality apps. In order to make yours stand out, it’s important to hire a development firm that knows what they’re doing and how to do it effectively with a sense of style.

XAMRUN, for cross-device compatibility

This option is most popular since it leaves no part of your market unturned, but it’s also the most difficult since the code varies so drastically from iOS to Android. For the novice mobile app development firm or individual, it’s actually pretty simple to make a mistake with XAMRUN. For the business looking to enable cross-platform functionality and capability, employing Softserve is the guaranteed way to achieve your end goal of a cross-device app that pleases the masses.

In all, developing for mobile applications comes with its own set of rewards. However, with those rewards come a wholly different set of challenges. There are even different methods and markets for mobile app creation and development, complicating it even further.

Minimize these challenges and complications by hiring Softserve Digital Development to develop your mobile app. We know how to do it efficiently, beautifully, and functionally.

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