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We’ve all been here before: caught off guard and away from home with the need to look up pertinent information on a website. Downloading an app at this point is meaningless, since you need the info right then and there (and you don’t want your mobile data usage to spike up).  And there is no wireless connection for you to hook up to, making a laptop or non-data enabled tablet useless. Instead, you pull up the needed website only to find that the design has been absolutely ruined by your phone’s decisively smaller screen resolution and finding the information you needed has become too much of a hassle to bear.

This kind of struggle is what makes responsive web design so incredibly

Web design is meant to engage and evolve. Today, that means that content needs to be dynamic across platforms. No longer can a business or individual person get away with having a static website that only looks good in Firefox on a desktop. They need a design that can travel across platforms seamlessly, a design that can be translated to any media device such as phones, tablets, or desktops.

Responsive web design takes that concept and makes use of one Internet address, the same content, and HTML 5 or CSS 3 development in order to adapt the site in accordance with the width of the display of the device of choice. Responsive websites respond to the size of the screen of the device you are viewing it on by rearranging the elements of a website to fit the screen of your device, instead of developing a separate website for each device.

The Internet is an important form of media on smart phones and tablets, and Internet usage on mobile phones by the end of 2014 exceeded traditional desktop browsing. If you don’t want to lose potential clients, then you need a graphically appealing website that is optimized for mobile browsing; you need to improve the use experience on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Similarly, designing a website for exclusively mobile devices alienates a whole sector of your market and thereby misses out on quite a few viable opportunities. Not everyone chooses to access information from their mobile devices, just as not everyone chooses to stick to a desktop computer for Internet access. Being a strong contender in business means having the ability to adapt to the tastes and needs of your market without struggling too much to do so.

At Softserve Digital Development, we understand this. It’s important to stay up to date with what’s happening on the internet, and up to date with consumer browsing trends. Responsive web design addresses the disparities in consumer browsing tendencies without breaking the bank for you or giving you too much of a headache. Our designs are not only visually appealing, but we know how to translate those designs across platforms in order to maximize your ability to reach out across your market or industry.

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